How to Read in a Foreign Language

  1. Read for the message

  2. Read with a purpose

  3. Read without looking up every unknown word

  4. Read in Spanish

  5. Read the story more than once

  6. Use the dictionary as a last resort

  7. Read the story aloud

  8. Know the components of a short story

    the setting
    (la escena)- the time and place of the action
    the characters
    (los personajes)- who is involved and the roles they play
    the plot
    (el argumento)- the action of the story
    • What happens
    • When it happens
    • To whom it happens
    the theme
    (el tema)- Understand what is said and what is meant.
    (el simbolismo)- the use of symbols of represent ideas.
    Levels of interpretation
    (niveles de interpretación)- how far the author's message can go.