Como ser actor

How to be an Actor in Spanish Class

Act out the story AS it is being told.  Your job is to help everyone watching you learn Spanish.  Therefore, act out what is being told in the story at the same time it is being told.  

Do not draw attention to yourself by doing things that are not part of the story, nor adding your own parts to the story.  Your job is to make sure everyone in the class is connecting what is being said with what they are seeing.  If you do your own thing, you are taking attention away from learning Spanish.

Do not hurt anyone!  PRETEND you are doing things such as driving over someone's foot, hitting someone with a cheese-covered burrito, or throwing a cup of coffee at someone if the story calls for it.  Do not actually do it.

      Exaggerate everything you act out.  Remember your job is to help everyone connect what is being said in Spanish with what they see.  Brain research shows that people remember exaggerated things much better than normal things.

If you have the privilege of being an actor in Spanish class, you have to follow these rules.



Everyone learns more when they are having FUN!